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What do You need to Do for Backhoe Transportation from One Place to Another?

Transporting a backhoe from one place to another is a very challenging task that requires a lot of professional help. Because it requires proper planning, perfect transport equipment and to follow strict compliance with federal and local regulations. You need to ensure that you do the transportation safely and legally.

One good option that you have for transportation is taking help from an auto-transport company. You will find a lot of shipping companies in the market but you will have to find someone who is reliable and experienced. Ship a Car, Inc. is an expert in this field who has transported thousands of heavy vehicles including backhoes. They got different types of shipping options and you can choose amongst them by going through their website https://www.shipacarinc.com/services/specialized/backhoe-shipping/

How to hire the best Auto Transport company?

Before you hire an auto transport company, you will have to check the following things:


  • A good company will always be licensed and have an authorized MC number ( this will tell whether the company is legal and whether they are a common carrier, contract carrier or a broker.
  • The company must be aware of all the heavy local and federal vehicle shipping regulations.
  • Most importantly that company needs to have years of experience in the same.

What types of trailers are available for transportation?

For a backhoe, you will have to choose from the following trailers:

  • Flatbed trailers: This is perfect for small-sized backhoes. It can carry a weight of about 48,000 pounds max. However, this is less expensive as compared to others.
  • Step Deck Trailers: This also can carry up to 48,000 pounds. Height-wise, they can carry equipment of about 8.5 feet height.
  • Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN): They can carry trailers of various designs that can exceed about 150000 pounds.

What is the procedure that auto-transport companies follow?

For proper loading and securing of a back-hoe, auto-transport companies will often follow these follow procedures:

  • Firstly, they will determine the backhoe dimensions like the weight, height, width and length. This will help to determine the type of trailers that can be used for the backhoe.
  • Before loading the backhoe, the auto-transport companies need to inspect the truck trailer for its tire condition so that it is capable enough to load the backhoe. They must check the truck’s brakes too.
  • Lastly, they need to load the backhoe securely and safely. The backhoe’s heavy side needs to be distributed to the front of the trailer. Also, the backhoe needs to be tied down with chains so that it is in place during transit.

What preparation is to be done?

Here are some pre-shipping preparations that need to be done:

  • Remove any loose part from the vehicle that can cause damage while shipping
  • Lower the level of fuel and other liquids from the tank to a level where it doesn’t cause any harm.
  • Remove all the items that may be damaged or dirtied during the transportation
  • Most importantly, disconnect the battery to prevent any drainage problems.

Costs for transportation depending on the distance and the weight of the equipment. The duration within which you want the transportation to be done will also affect the cost.

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